Friends of Lincoln strives to ensure every student has equitable access to the full Cardinal experience. We support students, from meeting basic human needs to ensuring the opportunity for all to participate. We also build community connections and caring through a broad range of volunteer efforts.

Friends of Lincoln Supports

Teacher Positions

Because Oregon schools are underfunded, Friends of Lincoln must raise funds to keep the great teachers we have and maintain programs like International Baccalaureate (IB), Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the Arts. The one that inspires your child? That's the one we need to preserve.

Athletics, Theater, Music and Clubs

Enrichment is as much of a differentiator as academics, which is why we make sure every student has access and the ability to participate regardless of their ability to pay. We fund program fees, funding requests that fall outside PPS budgets, supplemental coaching and referees, website hosting, tournaments, travel, rental of indoor/outdoor fields and other supplies.

Families in Need

We have 300 historically underserved at Lincoln. More than 1 in 10 of our students face food insecurity, and periodically, others in our community come into challenging times and need a hand. We work with LHS social workers and counselors to make sure basic needs are met.

Teacher Requests

From field trips to science kits and other special requests, we find funds to support teachers when PPS budgets can’t.

Who We Are

The Friends of Lincoln Board is a mix of parents and alumni board members who manage responsibilities to support fundraising and volunteer opportunities to support and enrich the education of Lincoln high school students and teachers. 

We'd love to hear from you.
Find a list of board members and their contact info here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no longer a Lincoln Foundation, Lincoln Boosters or PTSO? Will they still have a voice in Lincoln?

Friends of Lincoln combines the roles, priorities and support activities previously delivered by the Lincoln sports boosters, PTSO and Foundation into one unified system for the broader LHS community.

Have individual groups, clubs or student outreach needs lost funding through this consolidation? What about supporting additional staffing positions?

No. Our mission is to expand our fundraising efforts and capabilities to better support all of the clubs, organizations, athletics and academic needs affiliated with Lincoln High School.

How can I be sure my donation is being used to further equity among the Lincoln and PPS community?

While Lincoln serves students who live in a district comprised of Portland’s most affluent zip codes, our community includes 300 historically underserved students, many of whom face food insecurity: 1 in 10 Cards receive free or reduced lunch. These numbers are lower than many other Portland high schools, so PPS equity funding is not available to Lincoln. Friends of Lincoln is committed to closing the gap so that every student at Lincoln is supported to take full advantage of the LHS experience. Money for teaching positions now goes to The Fund for Portland Public Schools (fundforpps.org). The 1/3 donation kicks in after the first $10,000 is raised. Read more about the PPS Equity policy.

If I contribute to Friends of Lincoln, is one third of the money donated given to the PPS Equity Fund for other schools?

Only the portion that Friends of Lincoln directs towards staffing is subject to the PPS Equity Fund one-third rule.

Are donations to FoL tax deductible?

Yes! Friends of Lincoln is a 501(c)3 charity and our tax ID number is 93-1188791. We will provide you with a letter acknowledging your 100% tax deduction-eligible contribution.

Can donors direct donations to any specific areas that they wish to support?

Yes. If you make a one-time donation of over $250 to Friends of Lincoln, you can designate on your donation if you would like it to go to a specific focus. Go to our 'How to Help' page, click on ‘Make One-Time Donation’ and follow the instructions. Indicate if this donation is earmarked for a particular program and add special instructions to provide the details.

My company matches charitable donations. Will corporate matching be an option for FoL donations?

Yes. FoL is a charity and on the list of all local companies that offer matched donations. (If you find one we’ve missed, please let us know!)

Can I volunteer my time through Friends of Lincoln instead of a financial donation?

All donations are valued and appreciated, and that includes your time. While financial donations are critical to the exceptional educational experience that LHS provides, we rely heavily on parent and community volunteers in many capacities. Volunteering is not only a great way to contribute, it’s a great way to be involved in the LHS community. Please contact the Friends of Lincoln volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to find a volunteer role that’s a match for you.

If I have a club sport or other club, how do I seek funding?

Send your request to [email protected] and we will be in touch. Donations will be allocated based upon available funds by the Friends of Lincoln Board.

Our club or sports program does its own fundraising. Will that continue?

Special trips or events will continue to be handled directly by the clubs or individual teams. All team fundraising is encouraged, but Friends of Lincoln is available to support and boost shortfalls, based on available funds.

Can our club have its own bank account?

Yes, if your club has an established bank account for special event fundraising from parent/supporters you can continue to manage those funds directly. However, the person responsible for managing that bank account will be expected to participate in the Friends of Lincon Finance Committee. This process improves visibility and coordination across all fundraising activities and reduces liability for parents involved with collecting funds for these activities.

Who is on the Friends of Lincoln Board now and how are they appointed?

Board members are nominated and approved by the board officers. If you want to join the Board or a committee, please email [email protected]

There is info about open positions on our volunteer page.

Learn more about the FOL Board above, and find their contact information on our Contact Us page.  

My child is attending Lincoln High School for the first time this year. Are all families required to donate? Will there be other fees associated with attending?

Any donation is optional, but we do rely on the entire community to contribute in whatever way they are able. We ask for $600 per student per year, or whatever you can manage. This can be paid monthly to spread the cost and is tax deductible. Other fees associated with attending Lincoln are determined by the individual clubs, sports or programs in which your child is involved. However, LHS tries to enable all students to be actively involved at Lincoln, regardless of their ability to pay.

What are the options for donating to FoL?

Friends of Lincoln maintains an account at Charles Schwab to receive stock donations. The account is named Friends of Lincoln. 

1. Submit the form required by your investment firm.
2. Ideally, your firm will send the donation to Friends of Lincoln via the DTC below is the most common information that your investment firm will need:
a. Schwab’s DTC clearing number is: 0164, code: 40n.
b. Bank of New York Mellon ABA#: 021000018B.
c. BK of NYC/CSCHWAB FBO: 8788-1130 Friends of Lincoln.
4. Email [email protected] when you make a transfer for Friends of Lincoln to provide you a donation receipt and a big thank you!

1. Write a check or money order payable to Friends of Lincoln.
2. Indicate if this donation is earmarked for a particular program.
3. Mail donation to Friends of Lincoln 1750 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97205.

Go to the donations page and click on the One-Time Donations or Recurring Donations button and follow the instructions.

Interested in joining one of our committees or have questions about Friends of Lincoln? Please contact us at [email protected]