Fashioning the Future

What a night!

Over 150 students took part in our most ambitious Flock Party yet.

They designed outfits from scratch, they up-cycled vintage outfits and brought their theater designs to life on the runway.

Parents, teachers and community supporters watched in awe as students, with the biggest smiles on their faces, walked through the Grand Ballroom of the Sentinel Hotel. Backstage was an army of volunteers; parents, students and parents of future Cards, making sure hair and make up was on point. It was a night to recognize our creative students.

Thank you to everyone, and particularly our sponsors. We boosted the FoL funds by $200,000 to support the students and faculty at Lincoln. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this amazing event happen.


Check out the Flock Party 2020 Photo Gallery

Check out the Flock Party 2020 Photo Gallery

Check out the Flock Party 2020 Photo Gallery

Check out the Flock Party 2020 Photo Gallery

Darcelle, Class of '50

A high point of Flock Party 2020 was celebrating Portland icon Darcelle

Darcelle has made a huge contribution in making the future more inclusive, safe and colorful. Not only does Darcelle own the oldest running drag show in the U.S. but she never turns down an event to help raise funds for the LGBTQ community. She's a true superstar in our eyes.

Thank you to our sponsors

Our Mission

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Community volunteers are part of what makes Lincoln High School an amazing place.

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